Yeastar (S100,S200,S300). Параметры соединения и формат данных SMDR/CDR

Данные ниже соответствуют только программе Advanced PBX Data Logger и могут быть не применимы для других программных продуктов.


Yeastar S-Series outputs real-time records after the each call (Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)). These records include info about outgoing calls, incoming calls and internal calls.

For example, this page shows the settings for S100

AMI Settings

Step 1. Enable AMI on your PBX and setup the permitted host/IP to access AMI.

PATH: Settings → System → Security → Service

SMDR AMI settings on Yeastar S-series

PBX Data Logger Settings

1. The logger should work in TCP client mode. The PBX being in permanent listening on port 5038, therefore you need to specify x.x.x.x:5038, where x.x.x.x should be the IP address of your PBX (e.g.

Configuring PBX Data Logger

Our software should work in the TCP client mode. It means that our software will initiate connection with the PBX and the PBX will work as a server. Add one or several PBX IP addresses here (the IP address of the Asterisk [AMI interface]). The port number should match the port that you have defined within the PBX (5038 in the example below).

TCP Client Mode - Asterisk [AMI interface]



2. Select the corresponding data query and parser plugin (Modules → Query Parse Filter → Parser).

3. Click the "Setup" button near the "Data query" box.
4. Specify your login and password.

Loging/Password for Yeastar S-series

5. Clock "OK" and save all changes.

Данные, извлекаемые PBX Data Logger

ОписаниеТип данныхИмя колонки
Код абонентаstringACC
Конечный numberstringDIALED_PHONE
Caller ID NamestringFLAG1
Вызывающий телефонstringCALLER_PHONE
Тип звонкаstringCALL_TYPE
Время звонкаdatetimeCALL_TIME
Длительность звонка (sec)integerCALL_DURATION_S
Длительность звонкаdatetimeCALL_DURATION
Total duration (sec)integerTOTAL_DURATION_S
Длительность ожидания ответа (с)integerRING_S
Длительность ожидания ответаdatetimeRING
Идентификатор вызоваstringFLAG2

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