Nec SOPHO iS3000 (RS232, FDCR Format 4). Параметры соединения и формат данных SMDR/CDR

Данные ниже соответствуют только программе Advanced PBX Data Logger и могут быть не применимы для других программных продуктов.

PBX settings

FDCR over IP features "real-time" FDCR information over a TCP/IP interface. FDCR information is also available over a V.24 (RS232) interface. Either one of the two interfaces (TCP/IP or RS232) is active. It is not possible to use FDCR on both interfaces at the same time.

FCDR over RS232

The port to which the external call logging device is connected to must be projected with equipment type 25: FDCR (ASCII format).

FCDR over IP

To activate FDCR over IP, first FDCR must be started, using OM command STRTFR. System option LOSYSOP 60 (FDCR INSTEAD OF TOLL TICKETING) must be TRUE, else FDCR over IP can not be started. When LOSYSOP 60 is changed, it has no immediate effect. Only when the FDCR is started, the changed option will have effect.

For FDCR over IP, the FDCR IP device has to be assigned, using OM command ASDEVC (equipment type 33). The FDCR IP device is assigned to the same port (SHELF, BRD, CRT) as the V.24 FDCR device.

When (new) FDCR information is present, this information is sent to the connected user. The user must acknowledge each received FDCR record.

The FDCR record is prefixed by the record number (00 .. 99). This prefixed record number is not packed; the rest of the FDCR message is packed (just like with V.24). This record number is returned with the FDCR acknowledge, so the corresponding FDCR record can be removed.

Configuring PBX Data Logger

Our software should work in the TCP client mode. It means that our software will initiate connection with the PBX and the PBX will work as a server. Add one or several PBX IP addresses here (the IP address of the Nec SOPHO iS3000). The port number should match the port that you have defined within the PBX (2599 in the example below).

TCP Client Mode - Nec SOPHO iS3000



Данные, извлекаемые PBX Data Logger

ОписаниеТип данныхИмя колонки
Unit numberstringFLAG4
Sequence numberstringFLAG5
Тип звонкаstringCALL_TYPE
Время звонкаdatetimeCALL_TIME
Вызывающий телефонstringCALLER_PHONE
Набранный номерstringDIALED_PHONE
Is answeredstringISANSWERED
Длительность ожидания ответа (с)integerRING_S
Длительность ожидания ответаdatetimeRING
Длительность звонка (sec)integerCALL_DURATION_S
Длительность звонкаdatetimeCALL_DURATION

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