Hybrex G1-824. Параметры соединения и формат данных SMDR/CDR

Данные ниже соответствуют только программе Advanced PBX Data Logger и могут быть не применимы для других программных продуктов.

SMDR programming

14-01-02 - Record Incoming Calls: 0 (Enable)
14-01-04 - Record Unanswered Incoming Calls: 0 (Enable)
14-01-05 - Print Page Header: 0 (Enable - recommended)
14-01-06 - Number of Call Records To be Printed Between Headers: 99 (recommended)

Unlocking SMDR data

If your system is equipped with an RS-232 port and is using a printer to keep a telephone log, you can temporarily suspend the output of the RS-232 port so you can change the paper on the printer or for any other reason where the printer needs to go off line. If you lock the SMDR port, calls will be stored in the PBX until you re-enable the port.

  1. Press SPK.
  2. Dial 7, 7, 2.

This will toggle the RS-232 port on or off. If you have an LCD equipped telephone, the display will show the current status of the SMDR port. If it is on, the display will show "SMDR IS UNLOCK." If it is off, the display will show "SMDR IS LOCK."

Данные, извлекаемые PBX Data Logger

ОписаниеТип данныхИмя колонки
Линия numberstringTRUNK
Тип записиstringCALL_TYPE
Тип звонкаstringFLAG1
Абонент numberstringACC
Время звонкаdatetimeCALL_TIME
Длительность звонкаdatetimeCALL_DURATION
Длительность звонка (с)integerCALL_DURATION_S
Ожидания ответаdatetimeRING

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