Cisco Call Manager (CSV) v10. Параметры соединения и формат данных SMDR/CDR

Данные ниже соответствуют только программе Advanced PBX Data Logger и могут быть не применимы для других программных продуктов.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

CDR Repository Manager

Within a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server or cluster, one instance of the CDR Repository Manager runs on the CDR Repository server or node. It manages CDR files that are received from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager nodes and periodically sends the files to the specified customer/third-party billing servers via FTP/SFTP. Our PBX Data Logger polls the FTP server and retrives new data. You should add the "File" data source type and configure a FTP or SFTP connection with the FTP server.

When the file arrives on the CDR Repository server or node, the CDR Repository Manager detects it. The system archives the file in a directory that is dedicated to the date that is indicated by the UTC timestamp that was placed in the file name when the file was created.

If any external billing server is specified in the CDRM configuration, the system creates an empty file in each of the corresponding folders for CAR and the billing servers, if CAR or the corresponding billing server is activated. The CDR Agent monitors new CDR/CMR files that are generated on CallManager servers or nodes by the call processing component. It sends the files to the CDR Repository node and then deletes the local copy after the file is pushed out. The file sender component of the CDR Repository Manager detects these empty files and sends the file to the destination with the specified method. If the delivery is successful, the system removes the empty file in the destination directory. Every Cisco Unified Communications Manager can generate one CDR file and one CMR file every minute for up to 1 hour. You can configure the maximum disk space that is used for storage of CDR files in the CDR Repository through provisioning. The File Manager component of the CDR Repository Manager runs hourly. When the File Manager runs, it deletes files with dates outside the configured preservation duration. It also checks whether disk usage has exceeded the high water mark. If so, the system deletes the processed CDR files until the low water mark is reached, starting with the oldest files. However, if any CDR file to be deleted was not successfully sent to the specified billing server, the system leaves it in the CDR Repository and raises a notification or alarm. The system creates a flag file during the configured maintenance window, which denies access to the CDR files for the CDR onDemand Service. The system removes the flag file after the maintenance window expires.

For detailed procedures on configuring the CDR Repository Manager and customer billing servers, see "Cisco Unified Communications Manager Call Detail Records Administration Guide"


Data flow diagram

CDR fields

For detailed description of CDR fields, see here:
Cisco CallManager 6
Cisco CallManager 7
Cisco CallManager 8

Настройка логгера для АТС PBX Data Logger

1. Создайте новый источник данных типа "File".
2. Кликните по кнопке "Действие → Добавить...".
3. Выберите тип соединения "FTP" и настройте параметры подключения к FTP серверу на вашей АТС.
4. Подкорректируйте настройки чтения данных.

Добавление нового файлового источника данных для Cisco Call Manager

Cisco Call Manager. Выбор типа источника данных.

Cisco Call Manager. Папки и файлы.

Настройка соединения FTP к Cisco Call Manager





Настройка параметров чтения файла для Cisco Call Manager

Выбор правильного модуля-парсера для Cisco Call Manager (CSV) v10

Выбор парсера для (none)

Cisco Call Manager (CSV) v10

Cisco Call Manager (CSV) v10

Данные, извлекаемые PBX Data Logger

ОписаниеТип данныхИмя колонки
Cdr Тип записиintegerCDRRECORDTYPE
Date Time OriginationintegerCALL_TIME
Date Time OriginationintegerCALL_TIME2
Original Узел IdintegerORIGNODEID
Вызывающая сторона NumberstringCALLINGPARTYNUMBER
Конечный Узел IdintegerDESTNODEID
Original Вызываемая сторона NumberstringORIGINALCALLEDPARTYNUMBER
Final Вызываемая сторона NumberstringFINALCALLEDPARTYNUMBER
Код авторизации ValuestringAUTH
Длительность звонкаdatetimeCALL_DURATION
Тип звонкаstringCALL_TYPE
Набранный номерstringDIALED_PHONE
Вызывающий телефонstringCALLER_PHONE
Global CallID call Manager IdintegerGLOBALCALLID_CALLMANAGERID
Global CallID Идентификатор вызоваintegerGLOBALCALLID_CALLID
Original Leg Идентификатор вызоваentifierintegerORIGLEGCALLIDENTIFIER
Original SpanintegerORIGSPAN
Original Ip AddrintegerORIGIPADDR
Вызывающая сторона Unicode Login UserIDstringCALLINGPARTYUNICODELOGINUSERID
Original Cause locationintegerORIGCAUSE_LOCATION
Original Cause valueintegerORIGCAUSE_VALUE
Original Precedence LevelintegerORIGPRECEDENCELEVEL
Original Media Transport Address IPintegerORIGMEDIATRANSPORTADDRESS_IP
Original Media Transport Address PortintegerORIGMEDIATRANSPORTADDRESS_PORT
Original Media Cap payload CapabilityintegerORIGMEDIACAP_PAYLOADCAPABILITY
Original Media Cap max Frames Per PacketintegerORIGMEDIACAP_MAXFRAMESPERPACKET
Original Media Cap g723 Bit RateintegerORIGMEDIACAP_G723BITRATE
Original Video Cap CodecintegerORIGVIDEOCAP_CODEC
Original Video Cap BandwidthintegerORIGVIDEOCAP_BANDWIDTH
Original Video Cap ResolutionintegerORIGVIDEOCAP_RESOLUTION
Original Video Transport Address IPintegerORIGVIDEOTRANSPORTADDRESS_IP
Original Video Transport Address PortintegerORIGVIDEOTRANSPORTADDRESS_PORT
Конечный Leg IdentifierintegerDESTLEGIDENTIFIER
Конечный SpanintegerDESTSPAN
Конечный Ip AddrintegerDESTIPADDR
Final Вызываемая сторона Unicode Login UserIDstringFINALCALLEDPARTYUNICODELOGINUSERID
Конечный Cause locationintegerDESTCAUSE_LOCATION
Конечный Cause valueintegerDESTCAUSE_VALUE
Конечный Precedence LevelintegerDESTPRECEDENCELEVEL
Конечный Media Transport Address IPintegerDESTMEDIATRANSPORTADDRESS_IP
Конечный Media Transport Address PortintegerDESTMEDIATRANSPORTADDRESS_PORT
Конечный Media Cap payload CapabilityintegerDESTMEDIACAP_PAYLOADCAPABILITY
Конечный Media Cap max Frames Per PacketintegerDESTMEDIACAP_MAXFRAMESPERPACKET
Конечный Media Cap g723 Bit RateintegerDESTMEDIACAP_G723BITRATE
Конечный Video Cap CodecintegerDESTVIDEOCAP_CODEC
Конечный Video Cap BandwidthintegerDESTVIDEOCAP_BANDWIDTH
Конечный Video Cap ResolutionintegerDESTVIDEOCAP_RESOLUTION
Конечный Video Transport Address IPintegerDESTVIDEOTRANSPORTADDRESS_IP
Конечный Video Transport Address PortintegerDESTVIDEOTRANSPORTADDRESS_PORT
Date Time ConnectdatetimeDATETIMECONNECT
Date Time DisconnectdatetimeDATETIMEDISCONNECT
Last Redirect DnstringLASTREDIRECTDN
Original inal Вызываемая сторона Number PartitionstringORIGINALCALLEDPARTYNUMBERPARTITION
Вызывающая сторона Number PartitionstringCALLINGPARTYNUMBERPARTITION
Final Вызываемая сторона Number PartitionstringFINALCALLEDPARTYNUMBERPARTITION
Last Redirect Dn PartitionstringLASTREDIRECTDNPARTITION
Original Device NamestringORIGDEVICENAME
Конечный Device NamestringDESTDEVICENAME
Original Call Termination On Behalf OfintegerORIGCALLTERMINATIONONBEHALFOF
Конечный Call Termination On Behalf OfintegerDESTCALLTERMINATIONONBEHALFOF
Original Вызываемая сторона Redirect On Behalf OfintegerORIGCALLEDPARTYREDIRECTONBEHALFOF
Last Redirect Redirect On Behalf OfintegerLASTREDIRECTREDIRECTONBEHALFOF
Original Вызываемая сторона Redirect ReasonintegerORIGCALLEDPARTYREDIRECTREASON
Last Redirect Redirect ReasonintegerLASTREDIRECTREDIRECTREASON
Конечный Conversation IdintegerDESTCONVERSATIONID
Global Идентификатор вызова ClusterIDstringGLOBALCALLID_CLUSTERID
Join On Behalf OfintegerJOINONBEHALFOF
Код авторизации DescriptionstringAUTHCODEDESCRIPTION
Authorization LevelintegerAUTHORIZATIONLEVEL
Client Matter CodestringCLIENTMATTERCODE
Original DTMF MethodintegerORIGDTMFMETHOD
Конечный DTMF MethodintegerDESTDTMFMETHOD
Call Secured StatusintegerCALLSECUREDSTATUS
Original Conversation IdintegerORIGCONVERSATIONID
Original Media Cap BandwidthintegerORIGMEDIACAP_BANDWIDTH
Конечный Media Cap BandwidthintegerDESTMEDIACAP_BANDWIDTH
Outpulsed Вызывающая сторона NumberstringOUTPULSEDCALLINGPARTYNUMBER
Outpulsed Вызываемая сторона NumberstringOUTPULSEDCALLEDPARTYNUMBER
Original Ipv4v6 AddrstringORIGIPV4V6ADDR
Конечный Ipv4v6 AddrstringDESTIPV4V6ADDR
Original Video Cap Codec Channel2integerORIGVIDEOCAP_CODEC_CHANNEL2
Original Video Cap Bandwidth Channel2integerORIGVIDEOCAP_BANDWIDTH_CHANNEL2
Original Video Cap Resolution Channel2integerORIGVIDEOCAP_RESOLUTION_CHANNEL2
Original Video Transport Address IP Channel2integerORIGVIDEOTRANSPORTADDRESS_IP_CHANNEL2
Original Video Transport Address Port Channel2integerORIGVIDEOTRANSPORTADDRESS_PORT_CHANNEL2
Original Video Channel Role Channel2integerORIGVIDEOCHANNEL_ROLE_CHANNEL2
Конечный Video Cap Codec Channel2integerDESTVIDEOCAP_CODEC_CHANNEL2
Конечный Video Cap Bandwidth Channel2integerDESTVIDEOCAP_BANDWIDTH_CHANNEL2
Конечный Video Cap Resolution Channel2integerDESTVIDEOCAP_RESOLUTION_CHANNEL2
Конечный Video Transport Address IP Channel2integerDESTVIDEOTRANSPORTADDRESS_IP_CHANNEL2
Конечный Video Transport Address Port Channel2integerDESTVIDEOTRANSPORTADDRESS_PORT_CHANNEL2
Конечный Video Channel Role Channel2integerDESTVIDEOCHANNEL_ROLE_CHANNEL2
Incoming ProtocolIDintegerINCOMINGPROTOCOLID
Incoming Protocol Call RefstringINCOMINGPROTOCOLCALLREF
Outgoing ProtocolIDintegerOUTGOINGPROTOCOLID
Outgoing Protocol Call RefstringOUTGOINGPROTOCOLCALLREF
Current Routing ReasonintegerCURRENTROUTINGREASON
Original Routing ReasonintegerORIGROUTINGREASON
Last Redirecting Routing ReasonintegerLASTREDIRECTINGROUTINGREASON
Hunt Pilot PartitionstringHUNTPILOTPARTITION
Вызываемая сторона Pattern UsageintegerCALLEDPARTYPATTERNUSAGE
Outpulsed Original Вызываемая сторона NumberstringOUTPULSEDORIGINALCALLEDPARTYNUMBER
Outpulsed Last Redirecting NumberstringOUTPULSEDLASTREDIRECTINGNUMBER
Was Call QueuedintegerWASCALLQUEUED
Total Wait Time In QueueintegerTOTALWAITTIMEINQUEUE
Вызывающая сторона Number uristringCALLINGPARTYNUMBER_URI
Original inal Вызываемая сторона Number uristringORIGINALCALLEDPARTYNUMBER_URI
Final Вызываемая сторона Number uristringFINALCALLEDPARTYNUMBER_URI
Last Redirect Dn uristringLASTREDIRECTDN_URI
Mobile Вызывающая сторона NumberstringMOBILECALLINGPARTYNUMBER
Final Mobile Вызываемая сторона NumberstringFINALMOBILECALLEDPARTYNUMBER
Original Mobile Device NamestringORIGMOBILEDEVICENAME
Конечный Mobile Device NamestringDESTMOBILEDEVICENAME
Original Mobile Длительность звонкаintegerORIGMOBILECALLDURATION
Конечный Mobile Длительность звонкаintegerDESTMOBILECALLDURATION
Mobile Тип звонкаintegerMOBILECALLTYPE
Original inal Вызываемая сторона PatternstringORIGINALCALLEDPARTYPATTERN
Final Вызываемая сторона PatternstringFINALCALLEDPARTYPATTERN
Last Redirecting Party PatternstringLASTREDIRECTINGPARTYPATTERN
Hunt Pilot PatternstringHUNTPILOTPATTERN

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